Project start date: 01/01/2022
Project end date: 31/12/2023

Youth Empowered to Change the World is a 24 months projectwhich is implemented by 6 partners from Serbia, Italy, Lithuania, Jordan, Tunisia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project corresponds with the direct needs of young people and offers concrete knowledge, tools and PAR methodology (Participatory Action Research) – in order to empower them to be social catalizators of the changes in their communities and enhance their participation level in the societies in which they live. 

With this project we will promote young people’s sociopolitical development and psychological empowerment such that they understand the roots of problems facing their communities and have the skills and motivation to take action by using PAR methodology. By applying the Participatory Action Research methodology in the local community, young people will be able to conduct public advocacy towards decision makers that lead to a potential solution to the problem and their direct or indirect involvement in decision-making processes. 

Overall goal of this project is to build the capacity of partner organizations and their members on participatory action research (PAR) and foster the use PAR methodology in addressing different community issues and take concrete actions that lead to social changes.

Project main aim:
To build and develop capacity of partner organizations at the local and national levels on participatory action research; how to use PAR to address different issues and take concrete actions

Specific Objective:
SO1: Develop participants’ understanding of Participatory Action Research (PAR) methodology and how it can improve participants own and their organizational practices in the field of youth participation and engagement
SO2: Develop future researchers’ competences, knowledge and skills on the PAR process and multiplying PAR methodology
SO3: To use PAR methodology focusing on pressing issues related to young people: engagement and participation, especially engagement and participation in decision making process
SO4: Promote Participatory Action Research Methodology to support sustained youth participation in democratic life and strengthen youth participation and engagement initiatives
SO5: Support young people’s socio-political development and psychological empowerment, so that they understand the roots of problems facing their communities, and have the skills and motivation to take PAR action as agents of positive change

The project has three main components: 
1) Learning about Participatory Action Research – PAR through non-formal Education and exchanging the PAR examples of good practices 
2) Practicing by taking concrete PAR methodology and PAR actions in order to bring social changes in local communities
3) Establishing local PAR corners as youth resource info incubators